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Here's a little info on what this page is all about...
and why it was done
Why would anyone make a page on lights?..(part 1)
I don't know!
Actually it's because I love christmas...lights! that's LIGHTS,
*not* the religious part of xmas. this is gonna sound a little
odd, but...i'm not religious! (obviously i'm not anti-religion
either some of my beliefs and those of the church don't NOT ask about this. i will not respond.)

For the next person(s) who ask if i'm gay, i have one
response... NO! (i'n sick of that question) Fu-k You.
get off my page
Why would anyone make a page on lights?..(part 2)
I know about how lights work / how to repair 'em / etc, and
thought it would be nice to share that info! I also know some
about electronics and can build simple circuits... also
thought people may be interested in this!
So then why do i decorate at xmas you ask? ..
its a attraction to lights (all types, not just the xmas
ones) and electronic things...
Oh. and the neighborhood kids like watching the lights as
their parents drive by.
the religion thing and the fact that it takes a long time to
put up/take down all those lights is the two things that may
eventually spell the end of me decorating... The third big
thing is cost of power
So how'd it all start?
It all started with one set of 50 mini lights that I bought
at skaggs back in the early 80's. Ever since then the
collection has just grown...and yes i do still have that
first set!
Design of the page?
I do all the HTML coding by hand (those HTML editors make
sloppy, slow loading pages and add all sorts of un-needed
junk to the code...I will not use one I also do all the
images myself...Some are made from scratch in the windows
3.11 paintbrush program Others are taken with a camera
Why are there so few images on the page?
The more images, the longer it takes to load! and this is not
really an 'image site'
also these free sites have a very limited bandwidth
Any Images Of The Display?
Sorry, but i don't put images of my display on the net.
Questions? Comments?
Feel free to e-mail me jaymes_kay @ yahoo(dot)com
To help ensure I get your mail please put the
word 'xmas' or 'lights' in the subject line

This page, its pictures (c) 1999 - 2016 James K