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120v SSR
120v 'triggered SSR'
Strobe Light
Boxes For Circuits


Boxes For Circuits
You can buy pre-made plastic boxes designed for circuits
or you can build your own. This page gives some ideas on
how to do it.

1/2 inch plywood (or particle board) makes a good top and
bottom for the box. the sides and back can be made of
1/8 inch wood or if the box needs to be stronger, 1x3's
make great sides and back. I like to be able to see inside
the box, so I use a piece of plexiglass for the front. If
the circuit responds to sound, make sure to drill a hole
near where the microphone is. Also some circuits generate
enough heat that the box will need to at least be vented
and in some cases may even need a fan. For boxes that will
be outside, make sure they are weatherproofed, or at least
placed where they won't get wet.

Be aware though that in the unlikely case something goes
wrong in the circuit...wood can burn! If you have a source
of high-temperature or fire-retarding plastic, use that
instead! (in some cases the circuit may be small enough to
fit inside one of those blue-plastic boxes they sell
specifically to hold lightswitches & outlets built into
walls. If fits, that is a good choice of a box!).
The use of a metal box is not recommended...but if you do
decide to use one, make sure it is grounded, and the
circuit board is (electrically) insulated from it.

10 channel box
2 channel box

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