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General Info
WARNING: before working on any set of lights, make sure it is UNPLUGGED!
the 120 volts of electricity in that set is easily enough to KILL
or INJURE you, and/or start a fire.

To fix a set of lights you will need one or all of the following:

* A Soldering Iron
* Solder
* Heat-shrink Tubing
* A Small Nail
* Small Standard Screwdriver
Removing Damaged Sockets
First remove the bulb(s) from the socket(s) that are damaged. Look carefully
at the side of the socket (at the level where the wires go through). On many
sets the bottom of each socket is a separate piece of plastic from the
socket itself... Assuming this is the case, turn the socket and look
directly at the bottom. If there are no screws, rivets, etc, the bottom
should just pop off - take a small screwdriver and gently try to work it
between the socket and its bottom... then slowly work around the socket.
Once the bottom is removed, the socket should just drop off the wires.
Note the small pins that stick out of it, there will be corresponding holes
in the wire. If its ok with you that there is now a space between the
sockets where you removed one, simply seal up the holes.
If you want a bulb there, you have 2 options...
1) check the local hardware store to see if they sell sockets of the
correct size & type (one that simply clips on the wire - like the one you
  just removed)
2) Remove a socket from the beginning or end of the set & put it in the
  empty spot
in either case, do not use the old holes in the wire, and (very important)
make sure to get the 'new' socket placed in the same direction and on the
same side of the wire as the other sockets in the set

Unlike mini lights, its perfectly ok to remove a socket from C7 or C9 sets
Damaged Wires:
To repair a broken/cut wire all that needs to be done is strip the ends
and solder it back together and cover with a piece of heatshrink tubing...
don't forget to slide the heatshrink on before soldering the wire! :)

If more than one wire is broken, it is very important that you get the
right wires reattached - look closely, there should be a slight
difference in color, or some sort of markings on each.

If only the plastic wire insulation is damaged it'll probably be fine if
covered with good quality electrical tape
Socket And Bulb Are Good
But It Doesn't Light
This is usually caused by bulbs not making contact in the socket. First
try a couple different (known working) bulbs as some are slightly longer
than others...
If this doesn't work, DO NOT try to crank/force the bulb in tightly -
its just glass, if it breaks (and does make contact) you could very well
cause a short and may even get a flame out of it
(...also do not change dead bulbs in a C7 or C9 set with it plugged in.
if you get a defective bulb there is also a chance of having it pop and
cause a small flame... and you don't want that to happen when your hand
is right on or near the bulb.)
Anyway... back to fixing the malfunction socket. Unplug the set, remove
the bulb, Get a small to medium sized flat screwdriver and pry the
metal contact at the bottom up very slightly.
WARNING: If you lift it too much it will either break off -or- cause
a short circuit

all info here is provided as is without warranty of any sort
I can not be held responsible for any problems/damages/injuries/
etc caused by the use or misuse of this info

Warning: read all the following before you continue.

The info on these pages can be DANGEROUS.

Electricity can KILL or INJURE you, be careful and treat it with
full respect.

Electricity can also cause FIRES, again be careful with it.

Never work on any electric product plugged in.

If you don't know anything about electricity / electric products,
don't even try any of these.

There is no guarantee that this actually will work - fix at
your own risk.

Always have someone double check your work before connecting
power to anything you've worked on.

Electricity and Water do not mix.

Avoid working in any area where flammable products (such as gas/
paint/etc) are stored or used

Do not work with electric items when you are tired, being tired
will only increase the chance of mistakes

Avoid working on electric products if you have consumed any
alcoholic beverages or drugs (medical or otherwise) as these
will impair your ability to concentrate on your work

if you become frustrated while working on something, set it
down and walk away (turn off / unplug any equipment you have

Keep your work area clean and organized. If you work in a room/
area without windows (or work at night) install a automatic backup
light... that way when you blow a circuitbreaker/fuse you will not
be in the dark.

Do not overload Circuits/Extension cords/Lightsets/ Etc

Modifying any electric product WILL VOID any warranty on it

Using any electric product for other than its intended use WILL
VOID any warranty on it

In addition there is a chance you will void your insurance by
using modified electric items, if that item causes a problem
such as a fire

This is only a partial list of the cautions/dangers there are
many more not listed here (but still apply)

Always remember...
Be safe!
It is not worth risking your life or home over an electric item!

This page and the images on it (c) 1999 - 2016 James K