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Info Section
--Information About Lights
--Uncommon Lights
--Christmas Light History
--Power Ratings For lights
--Wiring Diagrams Of LightSets
--Decorating Tips
Repair Section
--Fix Damaged Mini Lights
--Fix Mini Sets That Don't Light
--Fix C7/C9 Setst
Modify/Customize Section
--Modifing Lights
--LEDs For Christmas Lights
--Non-Xmas Lights For Christmas
Custom Controls Section
--Stand Alone Flasher Controls
---4 Channel Add/Subtract blinker
---1 Channel 'Color Organ' (type A)
---1 Channel 'Color Organ' (type B)
---2 Channel 'Color Organ'
---6 Channel 'Knight Rider'
---10 Channel Chaser (A)
---10 Channel Chaser (B)
---10 Channel VU meter
---Crazie Strobie
---Strobe Light
---Voltage Monitor
--More Power Handling Addons
---120v SSR
---120v 'triggered SSR'
--Computer Controls
--Boxes For Circuits
Mini-Reviews Section Home
--100 Noma Stay-Lit
--100 Philips Remains On
--100 GE Constant On
--100 Holiday Living (Lowes) 8mm
--60 Philips LED (white)
-Light Related:
--LightKeeper Pro
-UnRelated Stuff:
--Audio 2000's AKM706 Key Controller
Links Section
--Other Christmas Light Pages
--Join The Lights NetRing
--Christmas MIDIs
--Christmas ClipArt
--Christmas Music Info: joke/parody CDs

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