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Join The Lights NetRing


Be Part Of The Netring?
Guidelines for joining:
* Absoultly must have something to do with christmas lights
* The site must be non commercial (I.E. you are not using it to make money)
* The page where the ring links to must also have the ring code on it
* I have the right to deny any page from joining or remove any page if
  the content changes

Rules for joining:
* pages with 'adult' links or images are not allowed...end if discution
* There can be no violent content or links; Espically involving schools or children
* Absoultly no 'hateful content or links' by this i mean:
  no hatred toward any RELEGION, RACE, GENDER, ORENTATION, etc, etc, etc
  if you can't understand that above groups then are NORMAL people and should
  be treated as such, then don't bother to are NOT welcome here
  (if you have something showing hate towards terrorists that is ok though)

Click to Join the ring then follow
the directions on this page

christmas lights
The main Image (try this one first)
choose one of the images at
the left. Do not link to the
image on my page. RIGHT-click
the image to save it to your
computer and save it as:
'clr.gif', and then upload it
to your web hoast make sure
when you upload that the
filename remains as 'clr.gif'
not 'Clr.gif' windows is very
bad about doing that.

then paste the ring code
somewhere on your page using
a plain text editor. Do NOT
use a Word processor or HTML
editor as they will mess up
the code

This was done with the thought
in mind that you have been
working with webpages/HTML
for a while, so if you are
new to to this need more help,
or don't understand something
here, just e-mail me: jaymes_kay(at)yahoo(dot)com
to help ensure i get your mail
please put 'xmas' or 'lights'
(without the quotes) in the
subject line

christmas lights
alternate image if you dont like the first one
christmas lights
alternate image for pages with light colored
christmas lights
alternate image for pages with darker colored
christmas lights
I can make custom images for pages where the
othres dont look right

The ring code should have been e-mailed to you, but
if not right click the filename below it contains
a generic copy of the code:

the completed ring should look something like this:
christmas lights
This site owned by:***SITE TITLE***

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This page and the images on it (c) 1999 - 2016 James K