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This is another experamental thing thatís been added to this site...
A LiveJournal 'Community' dedicated to Xmas Lights & Decorating.
(for those who don't know what LiveJournal is, it is a Blog site,
bot it also has Web-Boards or 'Communitys'

Holiday Lights Community
About The Community
Very simple, this is a place for anyone who likes to decorate
with lights during the xmas season!

Doesn't matter weather you just put up a few light-sets, or go
all out and do a large display with thousands of lights all
connected to your own custom built flasher controls or a

Everyone who likes lights/decorating/xmas music is welcome to join

Community Rules
I hate to have so many NO's here (it makes this seem so negative)
But without something, this board could become nothing but a
mess of garbage posts

No Political posts of any type (except in the off topic forum)...
* This is not the place to discuss your feelings on elected
  officials. There are plenty of places on the net for that

No Religious posts or comments of any type...
* This is a Holiday Light board, not a Church!
* Please refrain from posting anything religious type posts

Please Respect Other Users
* This board is meant as a fun and friendly place for everyone.
* Do not 'flame' or otherwise post negative comments
  directed at other users ('constructive criticism' is fine,
  just donít go overboard saying how dumb or stupid someoneís
  idea is - even if its not the best idea)
* If you can not respect people of different Gender/Race/
  Religion/Orientation/etc... you do not belong here. This is
  NOT the place for such topics!
* Also please remember children could be reading posts.

No Spamming.
* Advertising of any type is not welcome here.
* links to your personal website are allowed as long as they
  are related to your post ... and you are not selling
  anything on your page

Not following these rules will generally result in just a
warning, but could also result in banning from the board

Go To The Community
Anyone can view/read the board, but you must be a
LiveJournal user to post

Agree with the rules above? ... if the answer is 'yes'
click here to enter: 4 Xmas Lights
Note: Please do not make links directly to the Community,
if you want to link, please point to this page that you
are on now

This page and the images on it (c) 1999 - 2016 James K